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Most kids, when asked about mathematics will say: “I hate math” or at least “It’s not my favourite subject” and quite often “It’s useless”.


That’s very unfortunate, because:

- math is actually quite easy, when properly explained

- it is tremendously useful and helpful for all kinds of other things

- it can be a lot of fun and a never-ending source of self-confidence.


The unique thing about math is that unlike a lot of other things, it is based on absolute truth and is totally predictable. When you know the rules and after you see first hand, how they are applied, you can become a math wizard in no time.

If you are not given this opportunity however, math will seem to be like a foreign language, where you don’t know the vocabulary and are not familiar with the grammar.

Let MathSteps teach you the “vocabulary” and “grammar” of math, Follow our guidelines, do the weekly problems and you may just find math to be your favorite subject!

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