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Math is not the favorite subject for a lot of kids. Most kids, in fact, don’t like math and feel intimidated by it. How then, do you allow your child to overcome that dislike of math and become proficient at it?


Obviously, no one can become good in any field without working at it. Equally obviously, no one can master a skill without such skill being properly demonstrated.

MathSteps provides practice for students up to grade 8 and in each practice session, a step-by-step demonstration how one of the five problems assigned should be solved.

There is no better way to learn than to see how a task should be performed. Only then is it possible to repeat the learned procedure in new problems.


No matter how your children may feel about math, they will surely have better things to occupy their time. Your input is required in making them do their assignment weekly on regular basis. Once they experience the joy of understanding, after seeing the step-by-step solution, they will quickly grasp that they can follow the same procedure in the following problems and that is how they gain their self-confidence.

Please share with us any questions you may have about our program and your experience in how your kids improve.

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