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Math To Get You Started

Space is provided under each problem. However we encourage you to take a fresh page of paper, preferably lined and a sharp pencil or a pen. Please do not use a calculator for any of the problems featured. One of the reasons for assigning these problems is to have you practise your math skills!

Remember: you must show not just the answer to each problem, but step by step procedure!


Peter has 225 Pokemon cards in his collection. If he gave 48 to Chris, Chris would still have 42 cards less than Peter. How many cards does Chris have?


The reason for our featuring this problem, which is actually extremely simple, in this section is to illustrate the importance of being organized.
The best way you can be organized is to take a clean piece of paper and a pencil or a pen and to write your solution of the problem.

We know that Peter has 225 cards

If he were to give Chris 48 cards, Peter would have:

225 - 48 = 177

Peter would have 177 cards left.

We also know that if he were to do that, Chris would still have 42 cards less:

177 - 42 = 135

After getting 48 cards from Peter, Chris would still only have 135 cards.
However, this hypothetical situation did not happen and Chris never did get the 48 cards from Peter. He therefore has:

135 - 48 = 87

Chris only has 87 Pokemon cards.

It is essential to write things down (or make pictures or diagrams) AND to keep track of relevant information in the problem!

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