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Math for Genii

Space is provided under each problem. However we encourage you to take a fresh page of paper, preferably lined and a sharp pencil or a pen. Please do not use a calculator for any of the problems featured. One of the reasons for assigning these problems is to have you practise your math skills!

Remember: you must show not just the answer to each problem, but step by step procedure!


If you stand on a moving escalator, you take 90 seconds to get to the top. If you walk on an escalator that is not moving, it takes you 60 seconds to reach the top. How long would it take you to get to the top, if you were to walk on a moving escalator?


This problem does not seem to provide sufficient information in order to solve the problem, but take a leap of faith and use the distance/speed/time formula!

Please e-mail us for the solution of the problem!

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