Math is one area of human knowledge,
based on absolute truth and total predictability.

Given the proper guidance, any student can become good in math. The essential keys that will determine
the success of any student in math are the following:

- In grades 1 and 2, students must acquire the basic skills of addition, division, multiplication and division. These are the founding blocks of their future ability to handle more complex concepts.

- Whenever students are exposed to a new concept in math, they must be provided with the understanding of the logic behind the concept. If the explanation is inadequate, so is their comprehension and their performance.

- They must have a full understanding of the concept they are being taught, prior to proceeding to learn a more complex one. A gap in their understanding will constitute a gap in the foundation of their mathematical knowledge and prowess.

- All students must have adequate practice. Common sense dictates that no matter what new task we may be attempting, doing it over and over will result in better performance. Only comprehension AND practice will ensure students' success.

- Ultimately, the key to success of any student is their level of self-confidence. Only by having successfully completed prior tasks, time and time again, will they reach the self-confidence required to proceed to more difficult tasks.

How will MathSteps help you and your child?

Grades 1 - 2: Our Basic section provides unlimited practice of the most basic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is essential that students acquire these skills in grade 1 and 2, as they will be required for the more complex tasks, learned in subsequent grades.
Grades 3 - 8: From grade 3 until grade 8, the Intermediate section of MathSteps assigns a weekly set of 5 problems that follow the curriculum. These are designed to foster understanding and to ensure regular, periodic practice.
  The unique feature of the MathSteps program is that in each set of the five problems assigned, the first includes a step-by-step solution. This ensures that if a student does not at first understand how a given problem should be solved, the blueprint is provided to make certain the student will gain comprehension. The four problems that follow in the same set are all of similar nature, requiring the same approach. This innovative approach enables the student to understand and to repeat the correct methodology in following problems.
  Explanations of the basic concepts in Math are provided in very simple to understand language, including examples and demonstrations in our basic section.
Equations: Equations with one and two unknowns are included in our advanced section and a solution is included for each and every equation featured. Our entire Intermediate section, from grade 3 to grade 8, is a preparatory stage and training for solving the equations. This will enable students as early as grade 5 to successfully solve for the

Give your child the best opportunity to:
- gain understanding

-have access to regular practice

- build up his/her self confidence

Full Access to for one year is available for $99.00 per family